Monday, October 28, 2013

Rensselaer’s M.S. in Engineering Science Offers New Concentration Areas

Rensselaer’s Hartford Campus is updating its Master of Science in Engineering Science with three new concentrations: Energy Systems, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), and Sustainable Development (SD). These concentrations are being offered for the Spring Term 2014. Students will learn cutting-edge EH&S and energy systems that result in dramatic benefits for their organizations.

As the world continues to depend on and consume resources, environmental impacts and sustainability have become critical. The program will appeal to a broad range of professionals who will benefit from best practices and the opportunity to join a world-class technological research university with a global reputation. For more information, please visit:

Program faculty will include:
  Sudhangshu Bose, Ph.D., Professor of Practice, Department of Engineering Science
   Dr. Bose is an expert in energy systems and technology with 25 patents.
  David L. Rainey, Ph.D., Acting Dean, Rensselaer at Hartford
   Dr. Rainey in an internationally-known author on subjects including sustainable development.           
  James Stodder, Ph.D., Professor of Practice, Lally School of Management
   Dr. Stodder is a quantitative economist and a participant in the 2013 World Energy Congress.

Candidates interested in applying to the program are encouraged to attend an exciting, upcoming event at the Hartford Campus. An interactive forum on energy solutions will be held on December 4 as part of Rensselaer’s Energy, Environment, and Economics Discussion Series. The purpose of this series is to provide a forum for experts, corporate leaders, community participants, faculty, and students to engage in intellectual dialogues pertaining to today’s global energy and environmental challenges.

For questions about the Master’s degree program and the event, please contact Clarence Byers, Senior Program Manager, at 860-548-2479; 800-306-7778, ext. 2479; or

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