Thursday, December 12, 2013

Professor Stodder Attends World Energy Congress in Korea

James Stodder, Ph.D., Professor of Practice, Lally School of Management, attended the 22nd World Energy Congress in Daegu, Korea, October 13-17, 2013. The Congress meets every three years on different continents with approximately 3,000 organizations representing 90 countries. The theme of this year's conference was, "Securing Tomorrow's Energy Today."

In a presentation to students, Professor Stodder talked about the viewpoint of Big Oil as well as the other voices that were heard at the Congress. He discussed subsidies, using fossil fuels as a supplement to renewables (inversion idea), and the dawn of microgrids. "The fact that no one is paying the bill doesn't mean that it isn't accumulating," he said.

He cited sources such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IGPCC), the Global Electricity Initiative (GEI), and EnergyBiz magazine. Dr. Stodder also touched upon the numerous fuel cell companies in Connecticut.

Professor Stodder provides a detailed review of his participation in the Congress in his webinar entitled, "World Energy Congress, 2013" available for on-demand viewing here.

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